Australian Pan Asian Consultants (APAC) is a team of international specialist consultants equipped with a progressive spirit committed to providing pragmatic, and sometimes unconventional thinking, to client issues.

We develop client solutions and deliver realistic actionable strategies in today’s challenging and often complex business environment.

APAC provides, at all stages of a client’s development and company life cycle, objective strategic advice, support, and business growth services preparing for positive transformation and sustained business success.

We Consult | We Mentor | We Train | We Coach

We Drive Business Ambition.

In addition to consulting services, our Sparkling Leadership Series provides a new dimension to accelerating your growth with professional skills development programs covering leadership, emotional intelligence, women’s empowerment, and the essential power (soft) skills required to drive individuals and organizations forward.

Each of APAC’s dedicated business consultants and passionate training specialists use a hands-on approach to in all that they do; they give authentic regard to every individual and client organization; and they work with a “heart-centred” attitude when it comes to everyone’s welfare and wellbeing.

  • Success means sharing significant and meaningful knowledge and skills with our clients for greater business performance and achievement.
  • Success also means staying the distance with our clients, providing them with on-going mentoring and coaching every step of the way, while continuing to build organizational strengths, and professional capabilities.