Areas of Expertise

Business Consulting / Trouble Shooting

Corporate Governance & Ethics

Organizational Re-structuring

Succession Development & Strategies

Project Negotiation & Brokerage

Hospitality Consulting

Boardroom / Senior Executive Coaching

Positions Currently Held

Director: Australian Pan Asian Consultants (Australia and Vietnam)

Co-Founder: Empower Every Person

Dr Lindsay R. Dodd

Industry Analyst | Strategist | Business Consultant | Executive Coach

Lindsay is an active proponent of driving change to achieve the best and the very highest levels of outcomes and solutions. Striving for excellence in the corporate domain is paramount to the success of every organization no matter how small or large. It is Lindsay’s belief that to settle for less is discounting the very foundations and values upon which any company is built.

With a career spanning forty years living and working in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and regionally, Lindsay has consulted for numerous governments, multi-national companies, SMEs, educational institutions, and non-government organizations across the Asia Pacific/ASEAN region, through to India, the Middle East, UK, Europe and Australia.

Having an almost sixth sense for detecting and forecasting issues that may negatively impact organizations or businesses and their growth areas, Lindsay provides the essential business expertise and consulting that senior management and executives of companies need to trouble-shoot existing concerns and to learn how to prevent future downward losses. Through sharing his experience, clients find new methods to re-strategize for future organizational gains and progress.

Lindsay graduated in Commercial Law and is armed with a Doctorate in International Law and is therefore well-versed in all manner of company boardroom business, corporate governance, and ethics, which form the benchmark of an organization’s integrity. He engages frequently in this area at the top levels of government projects and dealings.

Apart from being a specialist consultant, Lindsay is also a committed coach on a one-to-one level and his personalized style has created long term professional relations among executives from varying cultures and across numerous and diverse industries. New challenges are welcomed and greeted with an eagerness to explore, unravel, and solve, and along that road, develop the business acumen of those involved.

When not involved in trouble shooting or consulting activities for companies, Lindsay pursues his love of art, listening to music, technical innovations, and mechanical marvels. His interests further include sailing, cricket, and rugby.