Areas of Expertise

Emotional Intelligence

Human & Personal Leadership

Entrepreneurship & Building Business Dreams

Personal Growth & Transformation

Power (Soft) Skills Development

Women’s Empowerment

Coaching for Continuous Life Enhancement

Positions Currently Held

Director: Australian Pan Asian Consultants (Australia and Vietnam)

Co-Founder: Empower Every Person

Christina M.E. Dodd

Specialist in Leadership Transformation & Emotional Intelligence | Corporate & Life Skills Trainer | Executive & Personal Growth Coach | Business Owner & Consultant

Christina is a passionate “people-person” and thrives on assisting men and women to pursue their dreams and to actively reach their goals. Her belief is that every individual can achieve a full, meaningful, and successful life – given the opportunity to learn, to be coached and positively encouraged. This is her driving force and her motivation.

Her career spans over 40 years living in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Southeast Asian region, working in the fields of government, advertising & marketing, international executive search, multi-level marketing and for the most part in corporate training, coaching and development.

Christina’s focus is in the areas of leadership, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, soft/human – power – skills, and entrepreneurship. Her clients include multi-national companies, SMEs, government, and non-government organizations, including small business owners and individuals across all corners of the globe.

Whilst in the USA when she was involved in MLM, Christina worked alongside leading speakers and trainers to facilitate motivational and business seminars for budding entrepreneurs and new business owners. This experience enriched her mind-set and repertoire of skills in the field of human achievement and potential, and as a result, set the stage for an adventurous career based around “humanness” and the “power of the individual”.

Christina facilitates her specialised programs virtually online, and in-person, for clients wherever they may be located. There are no boundaries to Christina engaging in any vibrant learning setting to ensure that people – and businesses – can be meaningfully uplifted and inspired to pursue success to the fullest.