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Raphael Attias

Digital / Innovation Strategist | Disruptor

Raphael joins our team of consultants with vast experience working as a CIO/CSO and Head of Digital with a demonstrated history of leadership in the information technology and services industry.

A senior leader with strong digital tech credentials, his expertise lies in tech strategy, digital transformation, leading innovation, AI and ML enablement, tech portfolio management, data and analytics management, trading, portfolio, and risk systems, cyber-security, and regulatory compliance management.

Raphael’s portfolio of clientele includes corporate companies, NGOs, and governments with responsibilities in technology strategy, driving innovation through R&D Labs and leveraging emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to clients globally.

He is a key catalyst for managing alliances and partnerships, and senior level relationships with leading and emerging technology companies.

Central to his aspirations is a sharp focus on grooming leadership excellence and promoting efficiency and high standards at every level within every organization. His proficiency in delivering digital transformation of people, process, and technology enables clients to fully realize the potential of the modern enterprise.

Throughout the years of his experience and work in the industry, he has achieved a demonstrated record of strong business results, partnering every step of the way with executive and business leadership, as well as key organizations and their Boards.

His credentials include Master of Engineering. PhD Electrical, Systems and Engineering, Executive MBA Harvard JFK Management of Government, Innovation & Strategy.

To relax away from the 24/7 world of the tech industry, Raphael is a keen outdoors enthusiast, lover of cuisine and good wine, and a devoted family man. He also enjoys visiting places of architectural and historic beauty in his home country of France.