Areas of Expertise

Business & Management Consulting

Investment & Venture Capital Projects

Accounting & Taxation

Financial Budgeting & Operations

Company Administration

Due Diligence

Project Negotiation

Property Development

Positions Currently Held

Company Secretary: Bigtincan Holdings Limited / Tomizone Limited / City Chic Collective Limited

Director: Ohlsson & Johnson Limited - Australia

Group Director: Danbury Capital Corporation

Mark Ohlsson

Business Consultant | Accounting & Tax Expert | Sustainability Strategist | Mentor

Mark is adept at steering companies in the right direction for continued development and growth. Armed with years of experience as a shareholder, director, managing director and company secretary of substantial organizations, his focus as a business consultant is geared towards developing and building businesses to achieve and exceed projected expectations and targeted objectives for sustainable success.

Additionally, he is actively involved in investments and venture capital projects and provides his skills and expertise to clients in the oil industry, motor vehicle and trucking sectors, golf course development and real estate, entertainment and film, waste management technology, and retail.

Mark’s career includes many years advising boardroom and senior executives, small and major business owners, and company administrators from within Australia, the United States, Malaysia and Singapore.

Having graduated with a degree in Accounting and Economics, Mark is also a Registered Taxation Agent in Australia and a Fellow of CPA Australia. He has an extensive portfolio of clients and groups of companies requiring financial, accounting and taxation management and has a well-established and respected reputation in this field.

Apart from being a business consultant, as well as an accounting and taxation expert, Mark is also a mentor and coach to young entrepreneurs and business owners with remarkable ideas and business plans for new and innovative products. He has worked in the past with inventors and pioneers in various technologies to help bring forward their aspirations into reality, to help them reconceptualize critical challenges as sustainable growth opportunities for business.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys the outdoors, all types of sports and travelling.