Areas of Expertise

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Soft Skills Development

Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

Personal Discovery & Self Development

Coaching & Mentoring

Learning & Development Strategy

Human Resources Consulting

Competency Assessments, Personality Profiling

Positions Currently Held

Director: Australian Pan Asian Consultants (Australia and Vietnam)

Member: The CPD Certification Service UK

Co-Founder: Empower Every Person

Christina M.E. Dodd

Educator | Trainer | Mentor | Executive & Life Coach

Christina is very much a people-person and thrives on assisting women, men and youth to pursue their dreams, know their goals and bring them into reality. Her belief is that every individual can achieve a full and meaningful life given the opportunity to learn, to be coached and mentored, and to be positively encouraged. This is her driving force and her motivation.

Her career spans over forty years living and working in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and the South East Asian region. Her early career in human and personal development took her to the United States where Christina worked with leading motivational speakers and trainers to facilitate motivational, business and product seminars working with individuals, budding entrepreneurs and new and existing business owners. This experience enriched her mind-set and repertoire of skills in the field of human achievement and potential and as a result, set the stage for an adventurous and fulfilling career based around the “power of the individual”.

In more recent years her interests have become intimately targeted towards the development of leadership, emotional intelligence and the empowerment of women, men and youth. As a self-professed advocate for change Christina is actively working to enlighten, encourage, and empower “every person” so they may become successful in their chosen profession, as entrepreneurs, and as valued contributors to business sectors and society so that they may have a more meaningful, sustainable life for themselves and their families in a world of escalating challenges.

Through her training and coaching expertise, Christina provides professional skills and personal development services to multi-national companies, SMEs, government and non-government organizations, including select private clients and individuals across the Asia Pacific and ASEAN region, through to India, the Middle East and Australia.

Christina is a “universal citizen” and travels to wherever her clients require her knowledge and skills, experience and enthusiasm, to inspire and drive improvement and positive change. There are no boundaries to her aspirations to see people meaningfully uplifted and embracing life to the fullest!

Away from her professional and people-oriented pursuits Christina likes to spend time pursuing the gym and healthy activities, reading and listening to music, staying in on rainy days cooking and enjoying the company of good friends.