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Chairman – Oberoi Group of Companies

Dr h.c. Inderjot Oberoi


Dr h.c. Inderjot Oberoi is the Chairman of Oberoi Group of Companies. The New Delhi-based Oberoi Group has Pan-India presence with global affiliations. Established in the year 1980, the group has excelled in project implementations and finance and has had exposure in spectra of fields ranging from manufacturing, aviation, construction, media communication, hospitality and finance.

With his visionary approach and positive outlook backed with years of hard work, Dr Oberoi has today made the Oberoi Group of Companies one of the standalone project management, finance, consultancy solutions and networking giants. Dr. Oberoi has had global exposure and is connected and networked with dominant corporate and private sectors.

Dr. Oberoi has emerged the Oberoi Group of Companies as an Indian partner, affiliate and advisor to global companies wishing to enter or to do business with the Indian market, and thus, the insignia of the Group is “Your Indian Partner”. With his vast knowledge and networking skills, he has associated the Oberoi Group of Companies as a major stakeholder with some of the world’s leading infra players as below.

Oberoi – A&M Consortium Infra Projects India - A&M Development Group along with Polaris USA and a bouquet of consortium members specializing in various fields of infrastructure has inked a joint venture with Oberoi Group of Companies in order to enter Indian – SAARC Country markets.

A&M Development Group along with its consortium members shall be establishing its office and company in India by the name of Oberoi-A&M Consortium Infra Projects Pvt Ltd (under incorporation), in order to address the following infra projects through an EPC + Finance Model:

  • National and Domestic Roads and Highways
  • International and Domestic Airports
  • Roads, Bridges, Metro Networks
  • Affordable and Low-Cost Housing and smart cities

Cavalry Integrated Homeland Security Training Solutions – is entering the Indian market with a comprehensive integrated security training programme with a specially designed curriculum with domestic and international affiliations and advisories. This flagship venture has been founded by Dr Oberoi’s vision to capitalize the security training on a Pan-India basis initially and would also be entering the global market in a phased-out manner.

Along with his business achievements, Dr Oberoi has created global networking amongst the officials and decision makers within the Corporates and Governmental Structures. His networking has expanded globally and within India with the “who’s who”.

His other interests are golf and bridge, which have only added to his close networking.

Dr Oberoi has always upheld in his philosophy at work, that perfection, performance and teamwork along with integrity, are the only resolve towards successful business, with the add-ons being networking and strengthening of relationships.